version should be updated according to return data format in REST API

I compare REST API result from suitecrm with sugarcrm CE and ENT. Current suitecrm 7.1.5 is closer to sugarcrm version 7 then 5. For example, email fields are bean object not simple key/value as in CE.

If possible, updating version number matching to the respond format will be good, so that special handling for suitecrm is not necessary. Additionally,


should be change to SuiteCRM from CE.

REST API call to get its version

GET /service/v4/rest.php?method=get_server_info 

The respond body

Array ( [flavor] => CE [version] => 6.5.20 [gmt_time] => 2015-02-10 09:19:25 )

Hi kyawtun ,

if you want you can update the version number from your respective db under Config table .
i hope this helps !

Thanks for your time and support !

The REST API in SuiteCRM is exactly the same as in SugarCRM CE 6.5.x

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Thanks, you are correct. I was confused testing several instance.