Version comparison table

I’m currently trying to decide when to take the plunge and upgrade my 7.8.22 installation to 7.10. Basically I’m waiting until the new features outweigh the hassle involved in an upgrade - but I cannot actually find any way to compare versions - is there a table of differences somewhere please?

I’ve had a search of and the forums, but I cannot find anything like this.

Can someone help?

No, sorry, I don’t know of any Community member that keeps a table a differences. It would be nice if someone did.

The main issues you need to check are

  • the Theme - you will have to switch to SuiteP, if you haven’t already

  • Emails - confirm in test environment that Email module works well for you and fulfills all your needs

Thanks pgr, I guess I’ll have to trawl through the changelogs to figure out the differences myself.

When I tested the initial release of 7.10 the email module was awful. I hope things have improved since then, but like you say, I’ll need to test it for myself.