Version Comparison please?

Hi there.
Work now since many years with the comunity version and it works just great.
Here goes my stupid question:
But I am looking to find with no succes to see the (mayor) diferences between 7.12.5 and 8.1.
apart from the fact that the version 8.1 is longer maintained than my client´s version
Version 7.12.5 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
Can anyone clarify this form me please?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Paco, version 8 comes with a huge set of differences from the 7.12. Following are just some examples:

  • it’s based on AngularJS

It offers:

  • QuickCharts (Widgets) in ListView

  • QuickCharts in DetailView (RecordView):

  • Timeline in Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities:

But it’s the edge version, there’s no 8 LTS version yet.

Hi there LionSolution
Many thanks for your detailed information regarding my question :smiley:
Currently I have 5 client´s on 7.12.x and I was wondering if /when there will be a package to upgrade to this version. Will this also be possible for in the near future?

Not yet,… you can check here:

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Ah… many thanks !