Version 8 looks like there is a layer to lock the customization of the code, hope I am wrong

With all my respects, from version 8 it looks like there is a layer on top of the legacy code to lock customizations, software looks the same but locked.

I just want to do some modifications and customizations but it seems with version 8 is quite different than previous versions, it seems you have to re-build everything again.

Hope I am wrong, in that case, can anyone please explain here how to proceed with the modification, for example, change the login page from the source code:

For example: How to insert some text bellow login button?

Not need to point to external docs or references, I checked all of them and I am still not able to change anything. Note that in previous versions I was able to change almost everything.

It looks like from version 8 source is not that open. Please, show me the oposite to edit or even remove this post.

It’s all still 100% free and open-source.

The new UI needs to be rebuilt with each change, that’s all. It’s Angular and so you need a yarn build command, which is pretty standard for JS frameworks in 2023…

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Hi pgr, thanks for your reply.

Can you please let me know how exactly can it be done? if it is as pretty standard as you say it should be quite straight forward.

Maybe I am a bit naive or old-fashion, been developing code for the past 20 years and honestly, for me is not that pretty standard.

Go here

and scroll down to where it says “New Dev Package”, it has some interesting links.

It’s true that this adds some complexity to customizing code. But that’s the price to pay to move forward technologically. The new Angular UI is state-of-the-art.

Note that many of the customizations that used to be possible (vardefs, metadata, hooks) are still possible in the same old ways - only UI stuff has changed. There are exceptions, but generally speaking, this is true.

And even some new UI stuff has nice ways to be configured via configuration files, without touching code.

Documentation is a little behind, and that is creating problems for everybody. We just have to be patient, I guess.

Thanks again for the reply and for pointing to the documentation, which I already went throu. I am afraid I am on the same point.

Something that was quite simple and straight forward before like “insert some text bellow login button”,
Before v8: Just open themes/SuiteP/tpls/footer.tpl file and edit it. As simple as that.

Now it looks quite complicated and close source.

I am still thinking the greatness and most valuable feature of SuiteCRM was that, easy and open customization and this is being lost, take it back before it is too late.

It’s not closed-source. That’s quite an accusation for this project, so please don’t keep using it.

It has a specific meaning which doesn’t apply here at all.

It seems that project moved technologically to a zone that is not your comfort zone. You can either learn the new stuff, or keep using v7, you can even fork it and start your own SuiteCRM. You have all the options.

To add some text below the login button, you just have to change a tpl file, possibly rebuild the front-end, and that’s it. It’s not that more complicated than before. I don’t know in which file to make the change, but I plan to know it in a year after studying all of this.

Before, you also didn’t find themes/SuiteP/tpls/footer.tpl as if it was an obvious thing. Somebody had to point you there, or you had to spend quite some time finding out. The same learning process is starting to happen for v8 now, it takes time.

I said “it looks quite complicated and close source”, meaning that it is quite difficult to make a modification or cusomization.

For example, before v8, to find how to edit the login page was quite simple and straight forward by just doing a search of the HTML elements in the code which will point to that file, in this case: themes/SuiteP/tpls/footer.tpl, then you modify it, save it and done. Simple!

If that was not enough, you would go to the forum and in less than few hours someone would point it out.

As I told you before, sorry if a am being naive or old-fashion but now I am just trying to find how to do one simple modification on the code: How to insert some text bellow login button, and no one is able to have an answer, even just to reply. I see you are one of the fews that reply nowadays, which it is very greatefull and positive from your side and for the community.

Understand that most probably it is my own fustration to not be able to find a straight answer and method to do a simple task (at least before v8) like “insert some text bellow login button”

Maybe life itself is going in the same way, just complicating things for the sake of following the herd

Whichever it is I am still unable to insert some text bellow login button. :upside_down_face:

Or maybe I just need to purchase the services of support and consultancy of SuitCRM or SalesAgility, maybe it is that simple.

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Yes. I understand the frustration. You are right.

I have to say - the forums have always been quite slow in August. I guess there’s a lot of people on vacation. I expect more action in September.

I get your point entirely…but as you’ve pointed out, it used to be a case of editing the ‘.tpl’ template file, in v8 the framework has changed…and to add to the confusion there’s still a lot of the legacy code in there.

I’m intending to have a go at working through it to understand it better. All code for this is still available in the repositories, and there are no licencing restrictions to you altering/changing the code to work better for you. Unfortunately, whenever there are significant changes, there will always be a learning curve.