Version 7.9.8 vs Version 7.10.5 not same

Hello, I want to upgrade from old version(7.9.8) to new suitecrm version(7.10.5) but there is something that making me worried.

In old version I can see the button(arrow) to select all/multiple accounts in target list. But in new version that I got it in testing environment it is missing. Here are some pictures that proof it.

[color=#ff0000]Here is the old version:[/color]

[color=#ff0000]Here is the new version:[/color]

That sure looks like a bug, I am getting it too in 7.10.5…

Can you please open an Issue on GitHub with your screenshots and these “steps to reproduce”?

  1. Go to Target Lists module
  2. Enter the detail view of a Target List
  3. On the “Accounts” subpanel, click “select”
  4. On the pop-up window, there is no dropdown menu to “select all”!

Thanks for reporting!

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Issue opened in github. Hope this will be fix as soon as it’s possible.

Thanks pgr.

For reference, here is the link

Thanks for reporting.