Version 7.11.3 Google Calendar 2 way sync

I am able to sync events from my Suitecrm installation to my google calendar perfectly. On the google calendar side, I am not seeing anyway to edit or create a new event in the Suitecrm url calendar. The only option is to view the event. Am I missing something, some setting? Thanks!

@lrosenvall, I’m not sure if this answer applies to your problem but I made a rookie mistake by not realising I was creating new calendar meetings in my Google Calendar using my default Google Account and they wouldn’t sync to Suite. But syncing from Suite to Google works fine. And then I noticed the different colors!

So, if you want to sync a Google meeting to SuiteCRM then you must make sure you create the new meeting (in your google calendar) with the “SuiteCRM” calendar account. Note that SuiteCRM meetings will have a different color than your default Google calendar account.

hope that helps.

Hi Stephen,
so I have to create a new Calendar into Google Calendar, but How can I connect it with my SuiteCRM instance?
I mean: during my API configuration there is no point to specify the name of the calendar to sync with

Can you give us some further info?


Sorry, I only just saw your message. Re API configuration, I can’t remember the exact process but I don’t recall creating a new calendar in Google. I followed the detailed instructions here:

I’m assuming the API picks up your email address from your SuiteCRM profile email address (because thats where you authorize the API token, right?) and auto creates the calendar in Google. I could be wrong.

However, for the last few weeks, our Google sync has been acting strange. That’s why I’m in the forum to see if others are having a problem!