Version 7.11.1 Upgrade issues and PHP version 7.2

I upgraded to 7.11.1 and after or just before it finished I was sent to a page that did not exist on the site. Now if I try to run the Upgrade Wizard, it tries to reach the page or run the module and just drops me in the page URL

site url/index.php?module=UpgradeWizard&action=index

and I get a ISP page not exists error.

I cannot even go back a version through the Wizard.
And the email a lean by clicking on the email address just shows the box with the spinning circle dots.
I am on PHP 7.2, previously on PHP 7.0, the ISP made us move up to the newer versions.

Did your URL change, or your underlying IP address?

No, it did not. I tried the Import Wizard and it seems to work, but the Upgrade Wizard does not work. In fact when I did the upgrade it took me to the non existent page root/index.php?module=Administration&action=index
And backup doesn’t seem to work.
When I select and email address in a contact and try to send and email trough the CRM, the page hangs.

Can I just overwrite the files in the folder with the current version to fix this?

I wouldn’t recommend anything drastic unless this is a test system and you have plenty of backups.

I would like to have some diagnosis before prescribing any medication… we should try to understand what is going on.

Don’t you have any clues in your logs?

It might be some PHP setting, or some file permissions issue, that is causing the software to break in several places.

I had to go the radical route and backup file space and SQL file. Reinstalled 7.11.2 restored the SQL database and am for the most part up and running.
I didn’t get the dropdown menu items I added for some reason for Leads. Where are those stored?

In PHP files under “custom” dir for your module.