Verifying DB Credentials

I think i posted this in the general forum by mistake.

I cant get past Verifying DB Credentials step in install.php

seems i’m not setting my mySQL database up properly but i’m stuck.

You can try your credentials in a console via mysql command:

mysql -u USERNAME -p

(then it will ask you for a password)

This way you can make sure you’re using the correct credentials.

Also, let us know if your password has any weird characters like apostrophes.

I am having the same issue. The verifying DB Credentials message never goes away.

Mysql was installed as part of the Ubuntu install when I configured the vm. I created a manager user, and while logged in as manager, I can type
sudo mysql -u root -p
and specifying the manager password gets me access to mysql.

I also created a mysql user “crm”,

I have tried root, manager and crm as the user and I have tried root and manager as the admin user and I have tried using “same as admin”.

Not sure whet else to try…


What do you have in install.log?

Maybe it’s not hanging in the credentials, but in the next step after that, whatever it is…

Good suggestion, however, it was failing with the database connection.

Today I tried with localhost (instead of the machine ip address) and that worked! Not sure if I changed anything else, but that resloved it for me.

Thanks. :slight_smile: