Verifying DB Credentials

I have installed XAMPP and SuiteCRM, unzipped and copied to my htdocs/SuiteCRM folder. I have created a blank mySQL database and put in the same folder.

When I run localhost/SuiteCRM/install.php I get stuck on a message “Verifying DB Credentials” . I have tried all sorts of things regarding setting up user namse with and without passwords, different database names, folder permissions in Windows 10 without success.
One thing I am not sure of is this little bit of advice I found:

"4. Set ownership of the SuiteCRM directory:

  1. chgrp ApacheUser.ApacheGroup -R recursively sets ownership for root directory to Apache user and group."

I have “googled” for hours and just get the same old advice about folowing the install.php path----but I never get past the verifying DB credentials step.

Can someone help with some hints where to check please? Or point me to a step by step process on how to “set ownership”

Check for curl module installed, by looking at php,ini , and if not installed then install it, restart apache and try again.

I found an installer called Bitnami----seems to have worked.

@bfuller how do you perform ? Because i faced the same problem and i can’t solve it

Hi @bfuller,

please read the installation step and watch the video.
Definitely solve your problem.