ver 7.8.7->7.8.8- cannot attach file to new email

nothing happens when I click on Attach or Options button when cjomposing new email

Firefox/Win10/php 7.1/IIS 10

i’m actually able to get stuff done

still haven’y solved my FastCGi exiting early problem - doesn’t occur too often

If your PHP is unstable you’re bound to get various problems, I would try getting it more stable, if I were you…

stable? what does that mean? it’s mentally deranged?

anyways - I’ve followed this article:
PHP installation on IIS7, IIS7.5, and IIS8 (2017-Jun-06)

still had fastcgi error showing up but I noticed that the URL setting was still showing the old site location - I had moved my suitecrm site into a new folder when I was working the permissions out for Application pool - I went into config.php and changed to the current foder name - that might explain what is going on

I’m using a 1920x1200 monitor so it never occurred to me that anything would be further off-screen to the right until I noticed the horizontal scroll bar was showing there was something out there - the Attach/Options panels - I was led to this from testing SuiteCRM on a Debian Stretch laptop

I was testing a SuiteCRM788 Debian installation (actually 3 different installations - the download and the github .zip and tar) on a laptop at 1280x800 when on the third one (zip download) I clicked Attach and the panel popped into view - covering most of the textarea to the right of --None–

for both of Suitecrm download and tar versions the Attach/Options panel did open but it was barely noticeable at the edge