Variables to update one record with values from another via workflow?

Hi all, maybe I’m missing it but with workflow is there no way to update fields with values from other fields? For example, I have a workflow that create an order in our orders module when an opportunity is closed as won, this works fine. The thing is though I want it to copy data from the opportunity into the order, like amount, customer, close date, things like that. When I do update field though or create record under workflow it’s just an edit box, so just wondering if I can enter field values there. Also what about calculations like field a * field b? I know calculated fields aren’t supported but not via workflow either?

Hi Caleb,

You can indeed fill the Fields on an Order with the fields from an Opportunity

If you change the operator from “Value” to “Field”, like in screenshot attached, you are able to select the Opportunity field that will be used to fill the Order’s field
The fields in the screenshot are an example of this, This would mean:
The Order’s Grand Total would be filled by the Opportunity’s Amount
The Account associated with the Order will be filled with the Account associated with the Opportunity.

Also, you are correct, Calculated fields are not currently supported by workflow.

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Is this functional work only with TextFields?

I tryed some tests.

TextField -> TextField - OK
Date -> TextField - OK


Date->Date - doesn’t work.

When Field which I want to fill date, and the value another field date to, I cant see this field in the dropdown list (but when field which I want to fill is TextField it is OK)