Variables issue in Email Template

I’ve installed SuiteCRM Version 7.10.11.

I’ve tried to modify the email template when a new user is created and the username and password are sent to him.

The received email is:

Salve [color=#ff0000]$contact_user_first_name[/color] [color=#ff0000]$contact_user_last_name[/color],
di seguito le credenziali per il primo accesso del tuo account:
Username: XXX
Password: YYY

Per accedere all’applicazione, cliccare su ZZZ

Dopo il primo accesso con questa password, il sistema richiederà di impostarne una di tua scelta.


How can I fix this issue???

Where did you select these variables from? Can you provide some screen shots for the method you’re following or at least a screen shot of the variable list you selected from?

The fact that the variables have been output into the template suggests they are incorrect and there are not any values populated when the template is generated and sent.

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I select the variables as shown in the attached image and then I click on “INSERISCI” (“INSERT” in english) to put them in the email text

This sounds like the same problem in other threads. Email variables are broken. There’s an open issue on Github:

So we have to wait for a new release in which this issue will be fix…


I guess. I haven’t been able to find a temporary fix. If you find one, let me know!

Workaround here: