Variables aren't replaced in campaigns


we have the problem that variables of custom fields aren’t replaced if we try to send a campaign, while it works for the standard fields (e.g. $contact_last_name).
The custom field is a drop down list, which depends on the gender of the person and if the mail goes to myself it will send the key of the variables (e.g. Mr._formalm) and if I send it to another email address it doesn’t even send the key.

I know that it was a big problem in the past, but I couldn’t find any solutions. Tipps, solutions and references to other forums/htreads are welcomed.

We are using Version 7.12.2 of Suite CRM

Hi, Nicolas, welcome to the Community! :tada:

Unfortunately I don’t think there is currently any solution for that.

If you’re willing to look at solutions that cost a bit of money, have a look at my PowerReplacer add-on, in my demo video you’ll find an example that matches your issue exactly (addressing people in gender-differentiated ways).

If you prefer to avoid extra expenses then you could work something out with code, and I could try to help. Are you a developer? Are you ok with tweaking some PHP?