Variables are not being resolved when accounts=>bulkAction=>email is used

hi Folks,
variables are not being resolved when i try to use predefined Email Template via “Accounts=>BulkAction=>Email” window.

to reproduce:

  1. create a new template utilizing some account variables, e.g. $account_name
  2. select a couple of accounts (or even just one) from Accounts
  3. go BulkAction=>Email
  4. email is sent , though variables are not parsed properly (email shows $account_name instead of actual name)

SuiteCRM version: 7.11.10
PHP: PHP 7.3

could anyone please help?
thank you in advance,

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

I’m pretty sure there is an issue for this already open on GitHub, have you searched there?

hi Pgr,
thanks for the feedback and the hint for similar issues reported via GitHub. Indeed, it seems there are many issues with email generations. Yet, i couldn’t find any fixes, so, i would assume, solutions are still pending. Could you please confirm or advise otherwise?

thanks a lot!

Yes I’m afraid this is still pending. If you have any useful information to add to one of those issues, please post there - just keep things technical and precise, as that is the place where developers work, it’s not a help forum (this here is).

Sometimes a simple “I’m on 7.11.10 and I still get this bug” is useful if the Issue has been dormant for too long.