Values multiplied by 100 in the AOS modules (quotation, Invoice...)

Hi there,
i have presented SuiteCRM at a customer as a great tool, and then a very embarrassing happened: we were checking the line items at the quotation and in the invoice modul.
All the values get automatically multiplicated by 100, (so from €75,00 will be € 7,500,00) including the list price, total price and so on.
We were looking at the version 4.4-7 errata850.
I have found indications that most likely the type oft the quatity variable is not correctly defined (flot instead of integer). I suggested them to take SuitCRM instead of, but i need to show that this is really working before i can convince them.
Any detailed help or correction is much appreciated!


What version of SuiteCRM are you using?

You should check the decimal and thousand separators in the user profile.
By default , is for thousand separator.

I believe @blqt is correct. Check this post for more information: Facing decimal separator issue in Suitecrm

Many thanks for your quick response!
As written: version 4.4-7 errata850

Yeah, i have played around wit all of the combinations of , and .
No use… :frowning:

Hey @balint, that version doesn’t make any sense to me. You want to be looking at the about page on the CRM, it will give the accurate version which should begin with 7. something

That’s not a SuiteCRM version, it should be something like 7.10.4 or 7.11.12

See in the top-right menu, About

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Just updated to the newest one… so the last one… Version 7.11.3 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
But anyhow, you brought me to an idea, which is quite silly, but seems to be working (i still keep testing).
I shame that i haven’t tested it earlier, so please do not shoot at me: i switched the internet browser from edge to chrome, and voila… seems to be working… Maybe because i had to present on windows instead of my linux PC… but what can be the reason? We might should put a warning somewhere for the others too… Ideas?

That’s not the last version. Check here on the latest version and for information on every release notes an news.

Version 7.11.3 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)