V8 API and Logic hooks


I have a question for the developers of the V8 API. Does the V8 API call the relevant logic hooks as per the older API specifically login_failed, login_successful etc?

If not is there a replacement at all?

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Hi @markbond

I’ve been waiting for someone to answer… someone who knows more than me. But since it isn’t happening, I guess I just comment to say - try it! then tell us how it went :wink:

The V8 API is still in active development and if this is missing I believe we can consider adding it, makes sense (at least as an option).

Shorty tested it, made a workflow that sets the description field to some static value (module accounts, no conditions, only on save).
Created Account via V8 API and the workflow was triggered, description has been added.

But I noticed that field “assigned to” isn’t set automatically. Maybe this field is part of your workflow conditions?

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E: test was done with Suite v7.10.20
E2: sorry, was misreading your post.

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Nice, thanks. Should we assume that if Wokflows run, then logic hooks also run? they’re not strictly the same thing…

True! Somehow I’ve read the post and was thinking about workflows…
I did a second test using a before_save-hook. -> same result, the module hooks are triggered. But im quite unsure regarding the login/logout hooks…the older API did use regular user accounts, v8 does not.

Btw: I had the impression that workflows are implemented as before_save-hooks, maybe someone can confirm that.

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