V8.4.1 email missing subject and From

Updated from 8.4.0 to 8.4.1 and now my emails are missing From and Subject. Same in Dashlet. Sadly, we go two steps forward, one step back with these updates. Is Unit testing testing to see if a PR breaks an existing working feature?

Frist, you could check if you’re getting any error on console or sugarcrm log file.
Second, you may need to set permissions and ownership to Suitecrm directory

:thinking:I am formally refusing to comply with screwing around with permissions and directory ownership. Messing with directories and permissions in a linux environment is risky and only for people who can recover from mistakes. This is competent software that can be easily changed to be sel-aware of ownership and permissions so let’s get that in v8.4.2 and no other changes until it can be installed without a server adminstrator. This is nuts asking a million people to update permissions and ownership during each install, each update, each new cache building. It is insane and no other project does this.

I am freezing my time with v8.4.1, I’ll fix it and unless it gets fixed I’m not changing it again. Everyone else can keep mushing through this insane process or help with PRs once the codespace is made available from the maintainers so we can find these issues and offer fixes.

Stop the insanity. Stop making us mess with linux directory stuff that isn’t in a user’s area of expertise.

You’re correct. This things should be automatically set or at least provide button in the admin dashboard which will take care of permissions and ownerships of files & folders.

I dont think this particular issue is related to permissions. I have a hotfix thay i put on the wrong branch.

MIME header decoding issue was it for me.

I could be wrong. Hope im not since its a simple enough fix if it is.

Edit: nevermind, i dont think i could view the sender’s email in my issue. Yours may be different.

This fix usually works but it gets wiped each “update”. Listen, everyone is working to make a great product and everyone’s input is critically important. But, if the maintainers or project strategists don’t understand that something this complex needs to “install” and configure itself seamlessly then all hope is lost. That has to be the goal.

  1. Install and update and configure seamlessly.
  2. activate codespace with a developer’s configuration so we can all chip in.
  3. implement true unit testing to ensure new PRs don’t kill old code. Why isn’t this being done?
  4. Ask for help or money to do these things. People would love to see this thing fly but right now it is just floundering with minor fixes and it should be flourishing with themes and great progress.

This is not fair to the people here who constantly put out fires like @pgr. He had posted PRs and debug features and they go nowhere. I think leadership needs an update and new look at the project. This nonsense updating is going to be into 2024 and still not installable without messing with permissions and ownership of files and directories and other sysadmin nonsense.

Its time for a change in direction. It will be 2025 in another year and probably still can’t be installed without an admin and still won’t have basic themes. What will it cost to get the right work implemented? I’ll pitch in for sure and I’ll spend time on debugging or finding people to implement automatic testing but without direction this project is on life support.

Facing the same problem, anyone had it fixed yet?

Does your code work for all character encodings?

I updated to v8.5.0 and it works well, thanks. However, as usual it wipes out the fixes that should have been done before launching improvements. V8.5.0 still messes up emails with no subject or FROM.

Do not bother updating v8.5.0 if you have already fixed these things. The “upgrades” will wipe fixes. Very disappointing nobody in the maintaining group tests this stuff or listens. How can anyone honestly say they tested this before release.

Norrch fixes the problem. This continues from v8 beta, v8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 and 8.5

It is hard to believe anyone in the maintaining group uses v8 because their email would not work. It looks like they want to pump out new stuff and not actually use the v8 that is being worked on. Hard to believe anyone tested any of these versions for regression or existing faults as it states in the documents.

IMO don’t do these upgrades, they will wipe out all your fixes each time.

I notice that norrch patch is showing only the first email’s From and Subject. All the following emails in the list are incorrectly showing empty From and (no subject) Subject! What is happening to make it fail showing those?

The patch works perfectly. It was applied and the next email arrival was displayed properly. The list below that is email before the patch.

Please let us know which post solved your issue!

the code you referenced above in your link in December.

If you would, click on “Solution” on the post which solved your issue!