v7.10.1 Context menu does not appear for non-English languages


I installed fresh SuiteCRM 7.10.1 and pl_PL
In custom modules when I’m using pl_PL there is no left menu buttons like ‘Create new …’, ‘List view’.
When i go back to English everything works great.
Could you help me? Maby i should wait for language update?

Best regards

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Can you include here a screen captured image?

Also some details required:

  • It only happens in Custom modules? It worked before in your setup?
  • Have you done a triple repair: Quick repair, JS languages repair and htacess repair?
  • Permissions check are ok?
  • Please post some details on your installation PHP/MySQL/server details

After upgrading to 7.10.1, the context menu both in the menu bar and above the “Recently Viewed” does not appear when entering the Schedulers module (Create Scheduler, Schedulers), which means I won’t be able to create a new scheduler when logged using the German language pack.

I can see no corresponding error messages in Apache log or sugarcrm.log.

I have installed the latest German language pack.
I have screenshots of German and English page but can’t find out how to attach them to this post :frowning:

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You can put the images here


Do you have any javascript errors in your browser’s console?

Here are the screenshots. I cannot upload them on my Mac in either browser, so I had to start a Windows VM and upload them from there…

Ok, thanks, and any console errors? I am guessing something in the language pack is broken (some apostrophe or bracket) that then breaks the screen, making it unusable. We’ve had a few of those bugs before. But your browser should be complaining about something.

I’m afraid that my browser does not show any errors. There are also no errors in either sugarcrm.log nor the apache error log for the corresponding site.

I am moving this to the Language Packs forum to make sure horus68 sees it - he keeps our language packs. He might know something more about this issue.

But if he doesn’t have any suggestions, maybe it’s time to open a GitHub issue with this.

I just had an idea, we can look at the HTML and see if the items are there at all. This is the relevant code that generates those entries:


That way we can also check those specific labels used there, to see if they are present in the Language pack.

So please have a look at the page source and see if that block is there, or if some part of it seems broken or missing.

Ok, scratch that - this is a known issue, only it’s been coming up under different names, because it affects several modules and several languages.

This is a good place to track the Issue:


and you can see my comment there pointing to the likely “guilty” commit.

Thank you - looks like I’ve hit the same bug. Following the github issue now, waiting for a fix.

Same Here, Spanish language

Here some screenshots, I don´t know how to share you other relevant information, but let me know.



Contacts (This works right)

Reports works with German language pack.

Tested these modules to NOT WORK:
Opportunities does not work.
Notes does not work.
Calendar does not work.
Calls does not work.
Appointments does not work.
Leads does not work.

Stopped testing. More not working.

Confirmed as a BUG for all languages.

Some modules are working (PHP 7.0.11) after a:

  • Rebuild / Rebuild Minified JS Files
  • Rebuild / Quick Repair and Rebuild

Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Documents, Calendar, Email, Quotes, Spots

See contacts for pt_PT

Not working:
Cases, Bugs, Projects, Calls, Invoices, Contracts, Meetings, Tasks, Prospects, Events, Notes

See notes for pt_PT

Cannot confirm that Opportunities are working for German language pack.

Email template, scheduler, user (create), collaborators …
They also do not work

I have trouble understanding how anything can work in any module. The change that breaks this is at “central” level, it’s generic to all modules, so I would say all of them should behave the same way, unless there’s some caching going on, delaying the moment when each module is affected.

In my case, I am including in addition to the modules mentioned by @ horus68 above.

Hi Guys,

I’ve put a fix up here: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/pull/5449. Will look at getting this tested and merged ASAP for the next release.



Wow, thank you very much.
It works