Utopian.io not supported for SuiteCRM translations

The site Utopian.io http://www.utopian.io (linked to https://steemit.com ) is aimed to rewarding Open Source Contributors (like fixing bugs, translating texts, writing documentation or sharing good ideas).

In the last 2 weeks there was a large number of translators joining Crowdin to translate SuiteCRM looking for rewards via utopian (specially for Indonesia language).
Those users has been approved as translators, as usual. They have been translating SuiteCRM in Crowdin, like any other translators.

Note: I’m not involved as a moderator in utopian so any issue regarding rewards should be taken with Utopian site.

On the other hand, maybe Salesagility wants to set up a project with utopian as a “Project Owners”.
If any user wants to volunteer to help SalesAgility on that, please contact SalesAgility directly.

Tutorial for translators:

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Sounds nice!, just a quick question:

Why / what is this for?

I’m not an user on Utopian but it looks they have a system that Project owner can make their own rewards on top of the main system.

See: Utopian for Project Owners http://join.utopian.io/

and Project Owner Quick Start Guide

It looks interesting but it’s a bit hard to understand, at least for me. I don’t believe they just give money away, so I’d like to understand where it comes from.

With those project owners, I get it: they can pour money into the project and it gets distributed to collaborators.

But without that… the only reason I can think is that they’re trying to get people into the system. They say they will give rewards “initially” and then stop after a while.

But I might not be grasping everything.

Also intrigued with the system. More things to do then this. Then again… Indonesian translators are keep coming to translate SuiteCRM!

Some reading:
Could Utopian.io Become The Ultimate Funding Solution For Open Source Projects?

An how to for those using Utopian.io

Utopian.io now has a whitelist system so they will only reward translations for projects that have agreed to accept the translations now. So, if you still want translations from the utopian.io community, you would have to contact them (you can join their discord server or sign up on the website).

Also, the users are paid in an inflationary cryptocurrency, so they don’t have to directly pay for the rewards. You do not have to pay to have your project on their.

They also reward for developing and working on programming for open source projects, not just the translations.

Note: I am just a user on utopian.io, not a moderator.

Utopian system is not planned to be used for the SuiteCRM translations in the near future. Its ecosystem its a time consuming for Crowdin project managers.
It also seems that the actual system its poorly organized.
Maybe the Utopian system should be oriented just to translate documentation but I will not be involved in that.

Regarding the quality, translating the Software interface should be done by real software users not just plain translators.

So (this is my personal point of view) SuiteCRM translations will be done entirely using Crowdin system and the actual teams.

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