utf-8 problem on billing address

Hi to all folks, i’ve a problem with suitecrm 7.9 version. Actually i’m having visual problem in detail view where there is an address because the special char are shown in the wrong way:

I can’t update the crm but i see in the 7.10 version this bug was fixed, where i could find the fix?

thanks to all

Exactly on which 7.9.x are you?

This issue seems to say that this was fixed on 7.9.10, can you upgrade to that one at least?


Other than that, you’ll have to go hunting for the exact commit that fixed it, maybe this one?


or any others, good luck with that search :slight_smile:

Sure about that? i’m running 7.9.11 but i have this bug

I’m not sure of anything… :slight_smile:

So your code looks like the right-hand side of that commit I linked above? Because that is the latest commit I find in that directory, which is where I would expect this issue to be fixed…

works smooth. thanks!