Using workflow to change assigned user for opportunity when sales stage changes


I am trying to make the assigned user for an opportunity change when the sales stage is changed. Is it possible to do with workflows and if so, how?

I have added custom stages to sale stages using the dropdown editor. will this be an issue when trying to automate user assignment based on sales stage?

I’m running Bitnami WAMP stack with SuiteCRM 7.4.3


I figured it out after some trial and error. When creating the workflow the I used the following:

Module: Opportunities, Field: Sales Stage, Operator: Equal To, Type: Value, Value:(the sale stage you wish to change the assigned user for)

Selected Action: Modify record
Record Type: Opportunities
Assigned To, Least busy, All users in Role, (Role name)

Save and done.

You have to have the sales stages setup how you need them first. You also need to create and assign users to roles using SecuritySuite so you don’t have to assign users by name individually.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: