Using wordpress for sales and support for SuiteCRM

I am new to suiteCRM but loving the functionality so far. I have an idea and was wondering if it would be possible with wordpress and suiteCRM

I had originally set up Joomla for the SuiteCRM support portal (and this works great!) but recently saw that there is a wordpress plugin that does the same thing… Installed it and it appears to be working but need some additional functionality.

My site is a wordpress site. I sell a $50 monthly subscription using WooCommerce with the subscription add-on. So a user visits my site, places an order, creates an account, and they can manage their subscription in the MyAccount Section. Now, what I want to do is also use this account for their support portal so that everything is in one place (order history, billing information, and support tickets) Is this possible? Any ideas how I can accomplish this?

It appears that with the SuiteCRM wordpress support portal plugin, the user doesnt actually make a wordpress account but instead it just ports them into SuiteCRM.

Thanks for the help

Hello, have you achieved any evolution in this regard, the integration between woocommerce and crm suite? sorry for google translator