Using Transifex for Online localization

I created a place to translate online SuiteCRM using Transifex platform for localization.
No need to search files to edit. Translate only using your browser.
Join in:
suiteCRM localization -

1- I’m uploading 27 languages using translations available for free for Sugar/Suite. Some files will need extra efforts so I will start approving teams only after initial full upload (less then 3 days)!
2- Language coordination: each language can have different roles for translators (coordinator, reviewer and translators). It’s not possible for me to know who is the real language coordinator for your language. So in Transifex I will make the first one to join for a language as the coordinator. Send me a PM (here) to change your team organization !
3- All files are free to download and use. Language packs are to be created by each language team.

Have a translation?

How to download and create language pack?
I will explain later (in detail) how to download all files at once using TX client (using my special config file) and how to create language packs. I
Note: if you know what to do , here is my TX client config file:

So start translate your language and invite people to help you translate!


Hi Horus,

I see this is a paid for service, or will this all be hsoted for free on Transifex?



Transifex is a free service for open-source projects.

More info here

Confirmed: Transifex is Free for Opensource! FAQ:
The Open-Source project definition.
We’re proud to offer Transifex free to open source projects. An open source project is one licensed under an OSI-approved license, such as GPL or BSD, with publicly available source code.

Also for infos on how to use, see my page on Joomla translations and Transifex:
Keep Calm and Translate Joomla -

Horus will you enable me to start the Greek Translation please?

Hi Horus,

This looks great, and will hopefully enable users to easily translate strings.

I presume files on GitHub can be updated via the Transifex translation server/site?



Please wait until i finish uploading files. Or else your translations could be deleted.

Yes. Thats the way many projects work.

But for SuiteCRm there are some files that are not possible to keep in synch as they have some errors Transifex do not parse (mixed arrays, different kind of strings, strings not closed, strings with mixed double and single quotes, and so on.)
That because the language files do not have a standard way to code. It works… but not on all systems.

I’m revising files and making a list on what goes wrong on the files. Then will ask you if there is a solution to make it parsing errors free!

As an example: \include\language\en_us.lang.php needs a fully refactoring!

Project is now ready to translate:
12151 lines, 35 languages (12 are more then 50% done)

Its free to join, use and download!
You simple translate online using your browser. Do not fill empty strings with english text!
Later, when you download your files they are populated with the translated strings and also with the non translated strings so the files can be used!

Enter here:

ATTENTION: You are able to download all files but some files are not ready yet to be included in a local lang pack as they requires some post-edits.
I will handle it next week as my time for SuiteCRm is full for the week.
I will post next week with details on how to download and create your language packs…

@Will: See private message!

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Horus68, I see you have experience translating open source software since you have done a lot of work with Joomla.

I wanted to ask you if these translation systems have any way for us to translate the strings in context, that is, seeing where they appear on screen, how they relate to the rest of the strings, etc. It seems to me that this is important to get a quality translation, and very often we see “stupid” translations because the translator is obviously not understanding what he is talking about, while lost in the middle of a string table!

If it is not possible, do you have any practical tricks you use to get around this difficulty?

Thank you.

No. You have to translate online.

You can translate and download files then revise where problems are:
when you find a wrong translation go to transifex and search for the word in “all resources”. Then revise!

Hi I want to start work on Serbian. Any clue when will it be good for download? Don’t want to stat working and then it go to waste. Thanks for the awesome work you did till now!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: