Using The suiteCRM

B) Its Complicated with Looks with lots of implementation’s and logical implementation’s as an beginner it takes time to Learn.

You can check out the SuiteCRM Userguide to help understand the functionality of the CRM.

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Thank you for the help i learned a lot from that . B)

how to create new custom module by type calls there is no option such well there has basic ,sales ect…

example: i created a module by name Goals in module builder , this module should have all the fields and properties of calls module which is present…
just copying and renaming the call module to Goals didn’t help me so any suggestions…


If you’re wanting an exact copy of the “Calls” module but named “Goals” you would need to compare the code in the modules folder between “Goals” and “Calls” the code should be the same. They would be named differently of course. I’ll check on this and see if there’s anything further you’d need to do.

You would still need to add it to the module list for the system to pick up the new module, which is custom/Extensions/application/include (if memory serves correctly).

I hope this helps.


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