Using Suite CRM on mobile

I am using Suite CRM Version 7.11.3 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) free version on a private server.

Am I able to access this CRM software on my mobile using some app.

If yes, how can I do this ?

As most mobile apps require a CRM URL for this. Since it is hosted on a private server my login url is as follows:

How to get the proper URL

Please suggest!!

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply.
My point was how could I use suite CRM on my mobile phone using some APP like Quick CRM.

if you do not have a static external IP address (192.168.* is an internal one) or something similiar, you’ll probably need something like dyndns (a service that maps your dynamical ip to a static hostname).

Otherwise, the internal address will work too, but only if your mobile is connected to the very same network as your server.