We see that with a new DEPLOY from Module Builder, all customizations made in Studio are lost, so we export customizations done in Studio, deploy, and then import customization back.

Everything work, but then we see we cannot use Studio anymore for labels: our changes are saved in the custom directory, but do not appear.

do you guys have advice? or at least address us to the correct documentation?

I never use module builder, but I think I remember reading something here in the Forums about this. I think it’s a known issue, that you can’t keep both Module builder and Studio changes as you keep making modifications.

I think the work-around is to skip Module Builder, or use it only once, initially.

If somebody knows this better, please join the conversation.

Hi @fraxx,

changed labels from studio are saved in

When you import customizations however, then these are saved in

The label definitions in /custom/Extension/modules/<module>/Ext/Language take precedence over /custom/modules/<module>/Language, this is why you cannot edit these labels in studio.

The following issue describes this:

You could merge the labels into /custom/modules/<module>/Language and remove the imported language definitions file. After doing an admin / repair / quick repair and rebuild, you can edit your labels in Studio.

When you work with module builder, I suggest:

  • Never deploy from modulebuilder, instead publish your module, save this file and then load and install it with the module loader
  • For modules from modulebuilder, make changes only in modulebuilder, not in studio. When satisfied
    • uninstall the previous version with module loader, make sure to check “Keep tables”
    • publish the newer version in modulebuilder, save the file
    • upload and install the newer version with module loader