Using setup script on OS X -- problems and solutions

Hi all, glad to become part of the SuiteCRM community.

I tried myself at installing the data integration part of the SuiteCRM analytics and thought I should report on my experience in case this might be helpful to others.

I first thought I should go for a local install before properly deploying it on a hosted web server. I am running on OS X Catalina 10.15.7, using MAMP (Apache, PHP, MySQL combo). I’ve got SuitCRM properly installed populated with data at install. Because SuiteCRM Data Integration requires PHP7, I went for a previous release of MAMP and headed for MAMP 4.5 which includes PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.6.

This was a mistake :slight_smile: I got an error when running the setup script. I was able to track the error that brought me to identify SQL queries that didn’t execute. Namely, the query “CREATE INDEX IDX_DATA_EXPORT_PARAMETER_MAPPING_LKP ON DATA_EXPORT_PARAMETER_MAPPING(DATA_EXPORT, PARAMETER)” didn’t execute because of MySQL limitations on the size of index limited to 767 bytes while the two fields DATA_EXPORT, PARAMETER bring this to 1024 bytes. Fortunately, I found this MySQL limitation was fixed since version 5.7. Might be good to underline this in the documentation.

Before this index size limitation error, I also got into a problem with the sed -i instructions that aborted the setup script. It turns out the (-i option of the) sed command on OS X behaves differently from other Lunix environment. I used a fix found on stackoverflow.

The right Apache, PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.7 combination allowed to go through the setup. Running the data integration script (./ went smoothly.

Hope this helps. I am now on a journey to install and use the SuiteCRM business analytics platform. Cross my fingers :sweat_smile:


Thanks for all the valuable feedback Guy!