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Using query option in url to find records

I want to have sql query to select some data using where option ?
I must use it like api.
For example I want to have there sql query( select * from accounts where City = ‘London’

After substitution it transformed to*%20from%20account%20where%20city%20=%20’London’
But it doesn’t work.

What i should do to change in url ?

you should use the search field that is available in the Filter, something like


@cherub-chum hi

I have the same question how to get a ULR link with pre-filtered data
For example, I wanna filter this column

and URL looks like this

unfortunetly it doesnt any effect
Maybe I did something wrong?


can you try with status_advanced=open

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very thank you for explain
It’s work
Also for access to the custom field I try status_c_advanced=open

Hi @cherub-chum

Please can you help me another time
Is it possible to do many parameters filter?
For example, I have status: Open, In Review
I’m trying to do URL like /index.php?action=index&module=my_module&searchFormTab=advanced_search&query=true&status_advanced=open&InReview
but it doesn’t work


The following query will do the trick(getting accounts with a name of test)

yes, it’s work
but how I can get a filter with two more parameters?
example name_advanced=test,test1,test2,test3 ?

How does it’s look in SuiteCRM interface:
but how I can pass it on URL?