Using Project Templates


While creating a new project, there is a “relate” field to choose a “project template”. My understanding was that if I choose this, the “tasks” under that template would automatically be added to my new project. However, it doesn’t seem to work that way. I was wondering whats the benefit of this relate field, i.e. relating the project to a template?

I have a template with say 10 tasks. My goal is that when I create a new project and choose the “template”, on one end I should be able to add project specific info at the time of creating the project, but at the same time, use the tasks from the template, wondering what;s the best way to achieve this?


I figured out, I can do this, if I create the project by going to the project template first and then clicking on “Create Project”. This is a solution but a slightly more time consuming one as then I have to go back to the project again to edit it so I wonder if its possible to choose the template at the time of creating the project?

Also, majority of our projects are auto-created using a workflow, when an opportunity is marked with a certain status, so I wonder, what would be the best way to assign the tasks from the template, using the same workflow?


Just following to see if someone can help with this?