Using Products as a 'time charge' for invoicing.


I would like to use the products module as a sort of timesheet but not sure if this is a good workaround or not?

Basically i would add a relationship between ‘products’(many) and ‘projects’(one) and then use custom fields in products for the start and end time of the timelog. Logic hook would be used to calculate the time duration and update the ‘price’ field for the ‘product’. The ‘timeProducts’ can then be added as a subpanel of a project and be used in invoicing.

One problem i forsee is that i would need to make sure that a product could not be added twice, or to two invoices etc.

Does this sound like a workable solution?

many thanks

So far so good.

With the help of some logic hooks I’ve linked the product/timeLog to the invoice via the part number field so that the invoice reference is saved back into the product . Then if a product(time entry) is removed from the invoice the part number field is cleared. This way i’m able to avoid accidentally duplicating charges on the invoice because the products are filtered when adding to the invoice.

It seems to be quite a good way of logging time charges and adding them to invoices easily. I can now search for un-billed time easily, and am now hoping to show the products/TimeLog in the calendar view so that i can identify times where there no time entry has been added.