Using existing PDF as "printable to PDF" template

Hi all,

So far when I need to map field entries to a PDF, I’ve just been creating a new PDF template within the CRM. But then it occurred to me, how much better it would be if I could just map the fields to an existing PDF that I have. That way the appearance and field placement would be consistent and I wouldn’t have two different PDF aesthetics for the same form. Any ideas on how to do this?

From SuiteCRM, I don’t think that is possible.

You could probably do it (with some code), from the other side, that is, by getting the PDF to pull data from the SuiteCRM database. There are several libraries that do this (but don’t ask me for recommendations, I don’t know, just try your luck with Google).

My add-on PowerReplacer would let you create PDFs in SuiteCRM using the full power of HTML that PDFs allow. In this way, as long as you start from HTML, you would be able to achieve nice-looking PDFs that are completely the same, both inside and outside SuiteCRM.