Using Duplicate option, creates multiple line items

Whenever a user clicks duplicate Quote, the quote is duplicated, but each of the line items is duplicated or sometimes triplicated.

As an example, if the original quote has the following line item
3 apple $2.00 $6.00

When the quote is duplicated, the new quote shows up as
3 apple $2.00 $6.00
3 apple $2.00 $6.00

Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve also noticed that the quote numbers jump by three when the quote is duplicated. Is anyone else aware of this bug?

Yes this is happening for us too and creating real problems - is there any way to fix it please?!
Thanks so much for any help,

Hello - this is still a major problem for us - are you still experiencing this? Have you had any success or ideas on where to start? Specific question - Are you using Microsoft SQL server? Thanks! Vanessa

I’m sorry that this issue is still going on. We found too many data issues for us to continue using SuiteCRM - the killer was the amount of redundant data. We only use SuiteCRM as a static database for historical lookups. We went with another option that has it’s own issues…there are days I miss SuiteCRM but our data file sizes were just getting out of control.

This problem is still there

Hi Airbus,
It is still there for us too - there’s been no help that i have seen on how to get it sorted or avoid it happening - any help much appreciated!

Is there any open issue for this on Github? No developer is going to fix it if they don’t know about it…