Using dropdown change the fields of forms in suitecrm

Hello Experts
Please guide me in this scenario . I want that when i select value from drop down then forms fields should be change inside tasks module means i want two different forms in one form using drop-down conditions.
Thank you

What is meant by forms: Edit/Detail views or something else?

Sir thank you so much. You always reply.
My issue is I want to hide and show panel on the task module on the basis of drop-down values.
Like if I select value A then one panel should display and when select B then another panel should display and above panel should hide

Ok @namitkakusuitecrm, I understand what your doing now;

Looks like you already found this thread: Showing form based on drop down selection

What happened when you tried it?

i tried using core javascript but its not working according to me let me show you what i did.
This is my editviewdefs file for Task module.

Looks light the screenshot is not attached :confused:

Sir this is my custom javascript file code
and this is the file from i m calling this function:

Sir i don’t know from where this code is working:

have a look sir

Code looks like its working to me. Could you confirm if you have created the panel named “detailpanel_0” ?

Can you please tell me if i do any changes in JavaScript file then i have to rebuild and repair ?
is this necessary ? Reason is i don’t know again my code sometimes work and sometimes not

Could you please answer this question first :slightly_smiling_face:

Sir i don’t know where to check the id of panel. because when i am opening the view source code then its not opening the task module page.
and let me show you again my code is not working just a minute.

function namit()
var value = document.getElementById(“select_order_type_c”).value;
if(value === “Research”)
// document.getElementById(“detailpanel_0”).style.display = ‘block’;
// document.getElementById(“detailpanel_-1”).style.display = ‘none’;

This is my JS code but again it is not working

These are my 3 panels

ID of first panel:
ID of Second panel:
ID of third panel:

I got the ID’s but my code is still not working sir. I don’t know but my code is not working and its not showing any error also.