Using date picker in custom code

I have created a new layout for a field by using custom code.
In this field I have made a drop down menu and have a date picker side by side.
Everything works great except when I try and click on the calendar icon to pick a date, nothing happens.

Here is my code:
‘customCode’ => '{html_options name=“datelabel_c” id=“datelabel_c” options=$fields.datelabel_c.options selected=$fields.datelabel_c.value style=“width:100px;”}

Enter Date

Any ideas why it’s not working?

Hi there,

Press Ctrl+Shift+J(Chrome) or Ctrl+Shift+K(Firefox). When clicking on the calendar icon, do you get any errors?



For the calendar picker to work you need to include the JS

Calendar.setup ({
inputField : “date_field”,
form : “form_name”,
ifFormat : “%d/%m/%Y %I:%M%P”,
daFormat : “%d/%m/%Y %I:%M%P”,
button : “date_field”,
singleClick : true,
dateStr : “25/06/2014”,
startWeekday: 0,
step : 1,


How change defult datepicker ?
use other datepicker for example jquery datepiker.

Plz Help.

Thanks for the code!

For ‘form_name’ what do I put?
I’m using it for the invoice module.