using cron job aow process always showing running job

i just run the cron job to run the aow workflow but after completion of the cron job the state of the aow process showing still in running state

and my workflow has not been run yet



Have you tried turning all your workflows off apart from one very simple one and see if that makes any difference ?


yes i did this activity already but facing the same issue

Please help me out its comming in my production environment

are any other scheduler jobs running ?


no i made all of them inactive only process aow is active

And what happens if you had another scehduler job running without AOW running ? do you get the same outcome with it being stuck in the running state ?

except the aow process all the process comming with job status done

I Think you need to do a bit of digging around the sugarcrm.log and the servers error logs and see what is going on.

what verion of SuiteCRM are you running ?

i put the logger mode on fatal and i am using upgraded 7.1.4 suitecrm

in fatal mode there not seem any error related to it