Users unable to login, just redirects to login page with no error messages

Past two days, what started as a single user getting sent back to the login page, ended with late evening no one being able to log in until I rebooted the CRM server. Is anyone aware of what I could check or investigate to see the cause of this? The issue reoccurred a few hours after the reboot, but so far, only one person is currently having this issue. That leads me to believe it could be cache related initially… however as of this evening, it just redirects me back to the login. I tried a reboot before to initially fix it and it did… however this time a reboot does not appear to be working.

EDIT: A second reboot fixed it for a few minutes, and then it went back to just redirecting me to the login page. No error messages. One user reported that recently her session would just randomly expire, and I noticed at one point when I was logged in it sent me to expired session and I could not log in from there.

Could it be that your server has run out of disk space?

Also, when you are able to login, go into Admin/ Diagnostics, get phpinfo from there, and see which directory is configured in session.save_path

Go check that directory in on your server. Is it filled with thousands of little files? Is it writable?

100% a space issue, the root share was capped out. 128g total space, and had 17m free… Im going through and cleaning it out. I would extend the space but I am not a linux guy and the original creator of this had done some wonky things.

Thank you for your help!

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Some quick wins:

  • remove cache/upgrades/temp
  • remove cache/themes
  • remove upload/upgrades

Also check your database size, if your size problems are there, they are also your performance problems

Fortuantely the database for the crm itself has plenty of space. But since I have no GUI, Im still looking for a good cli command to get a breakdown of space of each folder. Been using the du -h command to go down through various folders and managed to find some stuff to free up. Enough to keep it going for a good while until I can go further into what space has been used.

Again thank you for your help. No idea why I didn’t think of space to begin with.

I use ncdu in Ubuntu, it’s great for these purposes.