Users unable to login for wrong userid or password, while entered correct ones. Admin login working fine

Dear all,
I settled up a SuiteCRM 7.10.12 (Sugar Version 6.5.25 - 344) using softaculous autoinstall feature on my webhosting. I’ve installed also the IT translation pack downloaded from At one point of the configuration setup I tryied to login as a non admin user (previously working) and since then I can’t login with that user (and with new users created after) because userid and password are considered wrong. Since the admin login is working, I’ve tryied to reset the user password, I’ve launched repair tools etc, with no success. Even elevating the user to admin level does not work.
Another symptom is that I can’t upload a logo to replace the suitecrm one (even if it complies with format/size requirements).
Is there a matter of wrong password field name (after the language pack installation) or permissions?

PS It is just a test environment (moving from vtiger); I am not a coder too.

Sorry about this, it is a known issue, there is a fix available if you can test it. If not, then please wait for the next release.

Hi Is there a solution on this issue I have it too. I have tried everything but can not login.

springisa, what is your SuiteCRM version? This issue should be fixed in the latest version, 7.11.3