users groups and accounts


User-a assigned to group-a
user-b assigned to group -b

Logged in as user-a create account-a

Logout, login as user-b, I can see and manage account-a in my acct list while my intent is to keep acct in group-X only manageablr by user-X

Can you please point me to the documentation to understand proper user to group and acvount to group assignment?

Same then for opportunities for each account etc



This is an old guide but I think that still works with current version

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Thanks for this, I see the advantages of using Security Suite by I believe the module is just a ‘coordinated’ way to achieve the result instead of going manually thru the SugarCRM options…

I would prefer to set things manually in SugarCRM first if possible - just because for the next 2 weeks I will be away with no option to install anything on the server while my friend has the need to start with some hierarchy and some data…

Is this module mandatory to achieve the result or same can be achieved with manual config without the module?

Starting basig at the moment, User-X, User-Y, User-Z in group-X can see and manage account-X, account-Y, account-Z and related opportunities while User-A,User-B, User-C in group-A can see and manage account-A,account-B, account-C and related opportunities, but User part of group-X cannot see nor manage accounts-A or-B or-C and the related opportunities

I tried manually as Admin to define User-X assigned to group-X, then loggedin as User-X create account-X, same as Admin define User-A assigned to group-A, then loggedin as User-A create account-A but both the users can see and manage all the accounts…

Any exanlpe to set this manually withour the module?



Sorry, I realized that this is the Security Groups Management part of SugarCRM available under Admin / Security Suite Group Management, all already present

Apologize, will go thru the doc