Users get frustrated: Close and Create New date/times are identical

Our users get frustrated wjen looking back in the Opportunities -especially when using the ‘View Summary’ button.
Because the order of the row in the History section does not follow the cronological order of the calls:

This happens when users use ‘Close and Create Button’ for a call: because it defaults to set the new call at the exact same date/time.
Hence a couple of quick calls or updates -and you end up with 3 or 4 entries -ALL with the same date and time.

Proposed solution:
When the button in clicked - the new Call should be set to the old-time plus 15 minutes.

Because -that way, the time for later actions will 100% be later than earlier ones.

This effect is true in the latest SuiteCRM demo at - and also in Sugar 6.5

We are not PHP coders here - but it seems like it could be a small fix?
Or is it actually a big code challenge?!


PS -some people might say this is a problem only when Users are ‘too lazy’ to correctly set the Call Due date…!

But my answer - is that we shoudl make it as easy for users as we can!

You can create a Workflow to alter those dates. I’ll prefer a before save logichook to check those dates and add as many minutes as required