Username and date stamp included in description field of deals module

Is there a way to include a username and date stamp each time some information is added to the ‘description’ field of the Leads module?

Yes, but I haven’t made the solution pretty.

You can use Calculated Fields within Workflows to update the description field on any change.

Attached is a screenshot of my workflow with the conditions/actions.

Whenever I edit the Lead I see this appended to it. As I said it isn’t the prettiest of solutions.

The other option is to create a logic hook :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty solution @samus-aran :slight_smile:

@Arnold, on a different direction altogether, I wonder if the Audit function would suit your needs? When you click the “View Change Log” button you see who-changed-what-when.

You can configure the fields that get recorded there from Studio / (Module) / Fields, set the “audit” checkbox.

Thank you very much for the assistance! :slight_smile: