User Subpanel

I have created a custom module, Is there a way to this module to a subpanel into a user profile; I understand that we can do so by adding the relationship of one to many between module so it will be showing under the primary module, but I see there is an “Employee” module in Studio but it cannot work the same way as other module.

Thanks a lot.

This doesn’t really answer your question directly (I don’t know the answer) but if you’re playing with those modules you might be interested in reading this:

Hi, thanks for replying. I start developing some custom module thru module builder and playing with the module’s relationship and get things done, custom modules are showing in the related module’s subpanel but really have no idea how to do with the users who are also the employee. I have tried to relate User module to the custom module but there is no subpanel for the custom module available in the User module.

Anyhow, thanks a lot.