User Permissions

Hello guys,

I’m having a problem, when user X clicks on “Shared Week” he is able to modify user Y’s meetings / calls.

I think you can edit other’s calendar by default. However, after I established the publish key, other can still edit my calendar.

Hello, I understand that.

But what I am saying is that in the ‘shared week’ i can edit other’s people meetings and I don’t want this to happen.

What can I do so that the user X won’t be able to edit the meetings or calls of the user Y?


I think you can go to Profile > Advanced > Published Key > set a publish key.

However, that isn’t working for me. Can you try it and let me know? Thanks.

Did not work! :frowning:

Anyone else has this problem?

You should be looking at the Security Suite settings, setting user Roles, assigning Calendar events to Security Groups.

But Calendar event is not part of ACL.

It’s called “Meetings” there.

Hi pgr,

Yes, I have tried that. Even when Meeting ACL all set to owner, you can still see others’ meeting on the Calendar under shared week, this seems to fall under the ‘list’ category. Seems like a bug to me. It would be nice if it shows the time slot is occupied but the meeting subject is blocked.

Maybe you can open an issue on GitHub (search first to check there isn’t one about this already).

Explain your case. I guess “Shared week” is meant to be a way to share stuff, but of course it’s arguable how many details need to be shared.