User passwords


Using Version 7.9.4.

I am the admin but I can see no way to manually set a users password. This, surely, should be a very basic feature for an admin to be able to do.

I want to do this so i can login as the user and to try to setup email for my users - which seems impossible to accomplish from my admin screen. And, yes, I have been into each users email settings - setting a default email and folder - only has the effect of setting that for everyone. Obviously, not what is required.

My users will struggle with this and would hope their admin can sort it. Apparently not…




  1. Login to SuiteCRM as Admin user
  2. Click on top right button and select Admin from drop-down
  3. In Admin screen, select User Management
  4. Click on a user, then in user screen select Edit from Action drop-down
  5. Select Password tab
  6. Enter new password and confirmation (double-entry)


  1. Login to SuiteCRM
  2. Click on top right button and select Profile from drop-down
  3. Select Password tab
  4. Enter current password, plus new password and confirmation (double-entry).