User password and a large list of errors Strict Standards

hi! I apologize for my English, I translate with the help of Google translator. And I’m a newbie.

  1. I do not understand how to add a new user. I enter the login. I do not see where to enter the password, you can help?

  2. As well, I have a lot of mistakes Strict Standards. This is a screenshot
    The entire list of errors is very long, the screenshot shows a small part of it.

thank you!


1)By default SuiteCRM would send a random password to the email address for that user. you can turn this off in admin->Password Management and untick Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature. this will enable a tab on the users profile page which you can then set the password.

2)This sounds like you have PHP 5.4 onwards which will cause these strict errors to appear. you need to do one of two things here.
2a) change the error reporting for the PHP version so that strict errors are suppressed.
2b) use PHP version 5.3 or below.


Thank you, lan!
I like your CRM. I think I’ll write an article about Suitecrm in my blog.
I wish the further development of your program!