User Issue

Hi All,

I need some assistance if you wouldn’t mind - I have a baffling issue!!

I have created my first 4 users in Suite and all are active…however none of us can log in unless we use the system admin login. We get the message ‘you must specify a valid username and password’… except the username is valid and the password is the one generated by the system, not us.

Any ideas on how we fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


You could start by checking your logs for errors during user creation.

Do your users receive an email with system-generated password?

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Thanks for replying.

The user accounts appear to get created and the users receive the system generated password via email.

I have just tried the ‘password reset’ function to see if that helped and get the message ‘Cannot send password - Provide both a username and email address’ and yet both are in the user account.

The setup of the system admin didn’t have this issue so Im struggling - I can’t move forward with this if I can’t get users in!!!


Ok, then take up my first advice and see if there’s anything relevant in suitecrm.log or php_errors.log at the time of user creation, or at the time when you ask for the password reset.

(there’s a post in my blog about where to locate the log files, in case you don’t know).

Sadly, I’m not a dev and I didn’t install this - I’m just the one tasked with setting it up and implementing it so looks like I’ll lose the weekend.

I just can’t work out why one login and password is working but the others aren’t - I’d understand if none of them worked!!

You don’t need to be “a dev” to look at logs, it’s just text. Then you can paste here the parts relevant to the moment when things go wrong, and we can try to figure out what’s wrong.

You see, the code that’s giving you problems is very tested code, it’s been working fine for thousands of people. You must be running into some weird situation specific to your install…