User edits can't be saved


after a fresh install and creating a list of employees I have noticed, that all of them are missing a user name. Hence I went to Administration/Users to give them all a user name. but at this point it is not possible to save the changed record. A popup window appears saying “Page can’t be saved because it is missing …”.

Check in the password tab if it has auto filled values please clear them and it should allow you to save

Tried this and it is still the same problem.
I also tried to seta password explicitly. Same problem.
Seems like the whole “Save” does not work for USER Administration.

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Read this:

Users and Employees are special modules in SuiteCRM. I don’t think you can create Employees and then turn them into users. I believe you will have to start over and create them as Users (they will also appear as employees then).

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I tried creating a new user in “create user” module. It does not save they one at all. No response at all!

You can’t create any users?

Try a different user name that you haven’t created before. And check for any errors in your browser’s developer console, or in your suitecrm.log or php_errors.log

I did a clean reinstall starting from scratch with version 7.14.4.
Now it does work, when I create a user instead of an employee.