User data field with text, checkbox, dropdown menu and the possibility to add more line with the '+' button

Dear All,

Is there any way to have a combined data field like this:
-It has to have the option to add more lines (like with the email address: Pressing the + button so I can add another email address)
-The first part has to be a string (for address), second is a dropdown menu and after this I need 5-10 checkbox.

I am maintaining self service carwashes all over the country.
My customers are owning 1-10+ carwashes.
If the carwash owner has only 1 carwash, then I am filling in the needed datas. If he owns more I just hit the + button so I can give the infos for the second carwash (also the third or etc).
The infos:
String: The address of the carwash
The dropdown: The type of the carwash (A, B, C, X, Y, Z)
The checkboxes: Do they use: Active Foam, Powder, Salt, Etc etc

At the end I would like to search for these infos like select all the carwashes where the type is X, and not using Salt (checkbox is not checked) but using for example Active Foam (Checkbox is checked).

Is that possible? if yes please help me.

Thank you in advance!

it is possible to achieve that using custom code, but it will require some programming skills and framework knowledge, its not an easy task to start with.

On the other hand, you could create a custom module “carwash” and relate it to the owner (one-to-many-relationship). In that case you would get a subpanel for all “carwashes” that belong to the same owner, and you can create new carwash-records directly from there. It’s not excactly what you describe, but this is the “factory/ootb” way of accomplishing this task that doesn’t require any code work.