User and Role Management based on dropdown field

Hello everyone. I need your help in one case. I created ticket type dropdown list which contains IT, HR, Procurement and so on in the Cases module. Also I have IT, HR and Procurement Roles and users of it. In role management, I can give access based on modules, not fields. So all departments can see all tickets, but I want that they only see what assigned to them.

Hello Sabina,

That would be a good use case for security groups.

All roles can view and update the cases.
But there are different departments, with different visibility rules.

So you could add security groups named after the appartments and then use workflows to assign the group accordingly.

Check out my video on the Sec Groups:

In the workflow, it’s only a bit similar to here:

you’d need to add the related security group, one for each workflow (one workflow per department).