Use SQL Server 2019 instead of XAMPP MYPHP

Hi All,

I am new to SuiteCRM. I am planning to link suitecrm to SQL 2019 database instead of XAMPP’s myphp.

Any leads will be highly appreciated.

I just successfully installed this crm using SQL 2016. During the install you will be shown a page that asks for the db info. It should be the same as what you use for remote access. As I recall the user has to be a db_owner. Has to have enough permissions to create tables.
Good luck

I forgot to say to create your db first. You will need the name of the db. And, assign the user you want to use as db_owner of that db.

Hi @ ByteWay
In order to use SQL 2019 Database with SuiteCRM, you will be required to download PHP drivers for the same SQL Server.

Once you finish installing these PHP drivers in SuiteCRM. The SQL Database option should be automatically visible for SuiteCRM. :point_down:

Click here to download PHP Drivers

Thank You. worked :slight_smile: