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Use of '%' for search filters

Hi !
I’ll explain with an example…

filter accounts: name -> ‘AIX’ ----> Not found
filter accounts: name -> ‘%AIX’ ----> Datas of ‘Company AIX’

I dont want to use the char ‘%’ each time I want to use the filter, how could I fix it?.

Thanks in advance !

Maybe this will work



always I forget this !
I think a “blog post” must be written with all customisable variable in config.php :wink:


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Hi !
It worked ^^. Thank you !

it was very usefull, but the file is config.php and not the one that appears config_override.php in the post

From the guides:

You can put those configurations in whichever file you prefer, config_override would be the most correct.

I think that this is what I need but this link does not work and I could not find this material on their website. Do you know where I can find this write-up now?


I’ve edited my old post above to replace the link with a stored version of the same page.

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